Hopewell House’s unique history sets it apart from other group homes for adults. It was all started as a concept to care for a loved one diagnosed with mental illness.  The family wanted a place that would provide a long-term solution and a high quality of life.

After being diagnosed with a mental illness, the relative was placed in and out of many facilities. Sadly, the family found these facilities often had disinterested staff, a cold atmosphere, and an overall low quality of life for their residents. The family decided that individuals with mental illness deserved a better option when it came to mental health housing and healing programs that would enhance treatment while providing a nurturing independent living environment.

Positive that many other families felt the same way, Mr. Lewis started his personal quest to create a place where individuals with mental illness could live with a high quality of life while being surrounded by caring people. Mr. Lewis wanted his loved one to feel at home in an atmosphere that enhanced dignity and respect. 

After searching through many properties for just the right place, the family settled on historic Winfield Farm, nestled in the Virginia woods yet within reach of the Metropolitan DC area. This location was beautiful and inviting, with its fountains and pond, open green spaces, and rustic-style homes, and would provide an ideal location for this vision.

Today, Hopewell House has grown into a respected non-profit organization that is unmatched in the community, providing exclusive group homes for adults with mental illnesses. The family’s history makes Hopewell House a special place where residents can truly feel at home.

Delmar Lewis
Founding Father and Chairman of the Board