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Times Have Changed, Terms Have Changed: Understanding Mental Health Terminology

Many things have changed in the world of mental health and mental health service delivery in the past 30 to 50 years-but nothing as much as the terms we use. "Asylums" were places where people with mental illness were "locked away." Neighborhoods used to refer to residential programs, or group homes for adults, as "half-way houses." Many times, terms used to describe mental illness were (and sadly, still can be) derisive and offensive. An individual who walks down the street talking to himself i...
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Holidays at Hopewell House Group Home In Northern Virginia

The holidays are a joyful time of year. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be stressful, particularly for those already suffering from a mental illness such as depression. What causes the so-called holiday blues and what are some strategies for coping? How do we celebrate the holidays with our residents at Hopewell House?The Holiday Blues Many factors at this time of year can exacerbate negative feelings. It can be even worse for those already struggling with mental health conditions. Unreali...
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What is Schizophrenia and How Can Hopewell House Help?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that may affect up to 1% of Americans. Many myths and misconceptions surround this disease, however. Families and loved ones often do not have a clear understanding of schizophrenia or its possible treatments. At Hopewell House, we are committed to providing a healing environment for people suffering from schizophrenia, along with other mental disorders. In this post, we will explore facts about schizophrenia and talk about the role Hopewell House can play in it...
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Difference Between Our Group Home and Residential Treatment Programs

What Sets Hopewell House's Group Home Apart from a Residential Treatment Program? It can be a difficult challenge to find the right housing option for someone suffering from a mental illness.Too often, the available options are cold, uncaring facilities that don't focus on supporting the individual or helping them become an integrated and functioning member of society. A residential treatment program might be appropriate for some, but inappropriate for other individuals and their unique needs. T...
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How Hopewell House Helps Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

People suffering from mental illness face many hurtles in everyday life. One of the most difficult is the persistent stigma that surrounds their conditions. Those living with mental illness are too often shunned, feared, labeled, and discriminated against. The shame that accompanies this stigma can prevent sufferers from seeking the help they need, and makes it difficult for families and health providers to get support as well. At Hopewell House, we combat this lingering stigma through our philo...
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Springtime at Hopewell House: Welcome to our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog for Hopewell House! In the months to come we hope to share news about events and happenings in our community, as well as information about mental health issues. Our new blog is part of our effort to redesign our website to truly showcase our mission and our very special residential program. Hopewell House provides group homes for adults struggling with mental illness. Our setting in the middle of busy Fairfax County provides a tranquil background for dignity, hope, and he...
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