From the Owner to our Board of Directors, office staff, Managers, and Behavior Health Coaches, you will find that Hopewell House employs individuals who have the skills, training, and compassion to create a supportive environment for all residents in our community. Learn more about our leadership team and coaches.

Jim Taggart

Executive Director

Jim has applied knowledge of 25 years of professional practice designing and directing therapeutic programs and schools. He has extensive administrative, marketing, fundraising and strategic planning experience having been the Executive Director of Spring Lake Ranch, one of the oldest therapeutic farm-based communities in the nation, and provided consulting and planning services to many other similar facilities.


Alexandra Fiola

Program Manager of Group Home Operations

Alexandra has been passionate about assisting those persons who suffer from a mental illness and their families from an early age. Due to witnessing the impact that severe mental illness can have on the person and their family members, Alexandra chose to pursue a B.A. in Psychology from Richmond, the American International University in London, where she graduated summa cum laude. Her coursework at Richmond provided an excellent framework for her career as a Mental Health and Social Support Coordinator at a residential group home for elderly persons who lived with persistent mental health and co-occurring challenges. During her time as a MHSS Coordinator, Alexandra implemented person-oriented practices that highlighted each resident’s strengths while offering support during times of difficulty.

Following her time as a MHSS Coordinator, Alexandra left California to pursue her M.A. in Forensic and Legal Psychology at Marymount University here in Virginia. During her studies, Alexandra joined the Hopewell House team as a Behavioral Health Coach where she enthusiastically provided direct care services that melded creativity and structure. After receiving her M.A., Alexandra moved into the position of Program Manager where she continually builds upon Hopewell’s central mission of person-orientated therapeutic care for our residents.

Alexandra utilizes communication techniques which incorporate humor and normalizing in an effort to promote insight and growth within our residents. Alexandra oversees the incredibly talented Behavioral Health Coaches that interact with Hopewell’s residents daily by empowering them to make decisions based around building individual strengths, community integration, and approaching concerns with innovative thought patterns.

Behavioral Health Coaches

Staff members who work directly with the residents are referred to as Behavioral Health Coaches and are on premise 24/7. Hopewell House’s distinction of utilizing a “coaching” approach sets Hopewell House apart from other residential providers. The presence of our Coaches is not to be intrusive in an individual’s life, but to assist, support, and monitor each person’s activities and progress with encouragement and gentle direction when needed.

Assuring a safe environment both at home and in the community is one of a Hopewell House Coach’s primary responsibilities. Hopewell House’s in-depth training ensures every staff member is trained and certified in medication administration. We take great pride in selecting staff that have higher levels of education (graduate or post graduate education in a relevant field) along with experience working directly with those needing services, residential or otherwise.