Licensed provider:

As a provider of mental health services in Northern Virginia, Hopewell House is licensed by the Department of Behavior Health and Disability Services, Office of Licensing to provide residential mental health services.  At present, Hopewell House has the distinction of receiving a triennial license. Hopewell House remains in an active partnership with the Office of Licensing to ensure the highest quality of services are provided. To learn more, click here

Local Human Rights Committee:

Hopewell House has the pleasure of being affiliated with the Fairfax-Falls Church Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC).  Hopewell House works cooperatively with the LHRC and other area providers to ensure the rights of individuals receiving services are protected and safeguarded.  Hopewell House renews this affiliation on an annual basis.  Our Director has been an active member of several LHRCs for the past 15 years. To learn more, click here

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

Hopewell House is a member of NAMI Virginia which includes membership in the local affiliate, state organization, and NAMI national organizations.  Hopewell House is proud to be active in the local mental health community. To learn more, click here