Hopewell House understands the struggles that many families and individuals face when seeking community residential services.  The founders of Hopewell House have faced similar challenges.  In response, Hopewell House seeks to assist families with these struggles by creating an environment where individuals feel welcome, secure, and validated. 

Our focus is to create an environment where quality of life for the mentally ill is paramount. Funding is provided through fees charged to clients, with additional funding provided through grants and donations thanks to our non-profit status.

Our goals include:

  • Creating a community that welcomes people with mental health challenges through our unique program.
  • Encouraging our residents’ ability to govern their own lives independently with dignity and respect.
  • Fostering residents’ social growth by encouraging individual talents and interests.
  • Validating individual interests in a goal-directed manner.
  • Encouraging family participation and community collaboration.
  • Celebrating successes, regardless of how small, which are necessary on the road to recovery and fulfillment.

Hopewell House offers a unique option for those exploring mental health group homes in Virginia.

Founded on relationships between families and individuals seeking services and caring skilled staff, Hopewell House is a place to call home.