Hopewell House’s mission is made possible thanks to its remarkable location at Winfield Farms, providing an atmosphere unlike other group home for adults.

The farm is located on 18.67 acres nestled in suburban Fairfax, Virginia near the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Route 29.  The property is said to be part of a 480-acre land grant from King Charles dating to the 1700s and is believed to have existed as a farm as far back as the 1740s, when the original homestead was built.

After passing through several hands over the years, the farm became the property of Alexander and Mary Buckley in 1851, who remained in the original homestead and raised 11 children. Historic records reveal the farm originally produced wheat, corn, hogs, and cattle that were transported to markets in Washington, DC.

During the Civil War period, soldiers marched on the road now known as Winfield Road. General John Mosby, known as the “Gray Ghost,” mentioned the property in his written account of his capture of a Union general.

The property was abandoned for a number of years before it was purchased in 1925 by Dr. Buckner, who renovated the Main House. The Lewis family purchased the farm in 2008 and began the process of rehabilitating the property.  In 2009, the new foundation was laid for the new barn over the very site of the original barn that was lost in a fire years before. 

While no longer a working farm, Winfield Farms carries on a legacy and provides a unique setting for Hopewell House and its residents.