Community Support Program at Hopewell House Group Home in DC, MD, VA
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Private Support for adults with mental illness


Hopewell House's Community Support Program helps people move forward in life through a collaborative coaching process in which individuals and their Mental Health Life Coaches develop a meaningful, proactive, and mutually agreed-upon plan that builds and draws on people's unique strengths and supports to address things that are getting in the way of achieving their vision. Hopewell House's Mental Health Life Coaches offer private helping, care coordination, skill-building, and companionship services for adults with mental illness.


Collaborative, Comprehensive and Well-Crafted Support for Adults with Mental Illness


Hopewell House is a unique therapeutic organization in Northern Virginia offering private residential, transitional, and in-home care for adults with mental health challenges. With our Community Support Program, we provide quality care with the convenience and comfort of living at home. Hopewell House's Community Support Program is a recovery oriented person-centered program where individuals regain hope, develop new meaning and purpose in their lives, and are encouraged and empowered to make real choices.


Peace of Mind, Education, and Support for Families


Families are an integral part of the healing process. With skillful, caring, and purposeful family support, the chances of recovery are greatly increased. Therefore, Hopewell House works to develop an atmosphere of hope and partnership with families. The benefits of Hopewell House's education and support for families are numerous. Families learn about triggers of symptoms, reduce tension through conversation, get social support and encouragement, focus on the future, discover ways to proactively help, recognize that challenges are opportunities for growth, and learn that the whole family can grow beyond the illness.


Discover who You are


Hopewell House staff can awaken hopes and dreams for people who need an extra push to become all they are meant to be. Our staff helps people with mental illnesses take the lead role in making choices, taking appropriate risks, and discovering strengths that may not otherwise be discovered and nurtured.

Hopewell House helps individuals create and
obtain a vision for a better future.

Our Community Support Program Provides
Personalized and Comprehensive Support You Need:


Medication management


Safety planning and crisis intervention


Physical health care management and paperwork


Making and getting to health appointments


Developing self-care, daily living, social and life skills


Support with shopping and meal planning


Support with room care and light cleaning


Help finding mental health and substance use resources and scheduling appointments


Help finding social, volunteer, work, and recreational activities in their communities


Assistance finding suitable employment, training or educational opportunities


Finding safe and appropriate housing and house mates


Help with budgeting, financial planning and managing money


Support resolving legal issues


Help with clerical tasks, insurance, reading mail, paying bills, and organization, etc.


Transportation assistance to activities and appointments


Support with establishing routines, schedules and making healthy lifestyle choices


Support with spiritual involvement

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