Hopewell House is a voluntary residential program designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking services and facing mental health challenges. Hopewell House wants residents to feel at home, to be engaged in the household, and to actively participate in the management of the household.  This is accomplished when residents assist with selection, purchase, and preparation of meals; when residents participate in the selection of recreational outings and internal activities; and when residents customize their personal living space.

Additionally, Hopewell House seeks to have residents actively involved in personal management through participation in all aspects of daily living; actively planning and scheduling personal day-time activities; and management of medical and mental health services with community providers.  Hopewell House provides transportation for all residents, whether for social outings or personal activities. Given the program’s proximity to the DC Metro area, Hopewell House will provide assistance with the use of public transportation, as well. 

Hopewell House is committed to each resident fulfilling his or her dream, whether that dream is to call Hopewell House a permanent home or a steppingstone to another setting.  Hopewell House is committed to each resident’s personal fulfillment and independence.