When the time has come for a resident to transition to another level of care or opportunity, Hopewell House will inform each resident of the follow-up treatment recommendations.  When appropriate, Hopewell House will assist with arranging follow-up services in the community and collaborating with the new providers.  Hopewell House will actively work with the resident and family to make the transition as seamless as possible.  As always, Hopewell House hopes that each resident finds success when managing the challenges of a mental illness whether that success occurs at Hopewell House or elsewhere.

At times, it may be necessary for Hopewell House to terminate services with a particular individual.  Hopewell House is a facility that encourages and promotes the care and growth of each resident equally. Therefore, if it is determined that the behavior of any resident impedes or negatively impacts other residents, or is disruptive beyond reasonable circumstances, an involuntary discharge may be in order.  In such situations, Hopewell House will offer the same level of follow-up coordination and assistance to the resident and family as mentioned above.